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What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Cars are likely subjects to dents and dings and getting one is no fun. Dents range in size and magnitude, definitely becomes an eyesore. Not to mention, some dents can even affect the value of your vehicle! Paintless Dent Removal is a great process that works on removing a wide array of dents, dings, creases, and hail damage. It is a method that involves no chemicals and can restore a vehicle’s out panels to their original, pre-dent condition


Dentless Touch

of Chicago, IL


229 Eisenhower Lane S.

Lombard, IL 60148 



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Successful completion of IMI Level 2 EV/Hybrid Certificate, Which enables us to lawfully power down electric vehicles to make sure they are safe to work on.


Dentless touch team has several ARC certified  technicians  at every location. Only expert and Master technicians are recognized in the ARC programs. Insuring your vehicle is in good hands.


PDR Nation Certification begins by verification of the applicant’s ability as a technician. Similar to ARC Certification but more focused on ethics and standards. 

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