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PDR is a great process that works on a wide array of dents and dings. It is a great method that involves no chemicals and can restore a vehicle’s body to its original, pre-dent condition. 


Even our most complex repairs are usually completed the same day which is less time consuming than traditional body shop repairs.

Cost Effective 

On average, our customers save between 35% and 50% of body shop rates. Costs are typically less than your insurance deductible..


Protects the vehicle’s value when it comes time to sell or trade in. May also reduce lease turn in penalties.


We have three locations around Washington DC to better serve you and offer limited mobile service. Call Us Today (703)646-7727


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What is the Repair Process?

PDR works by first assessing the location and the extent of the dent. This is critical because not all dents are created equal. To effectively complete PDR, a technician must gain access to all sides of the dent. As a result, the dent itself must be evaluated so that the technician understands the scope of how to access it. This may mean removing interior panels to gain access. With the PDR technique you gain access to the back of the dent rather than a frontal approach. The technique of PDR is more effective and versatile because it addresses the dent directly.

Once the technician has access to the dent, special tools are utilized to push the dent out and mold the body of the car back to its pre-dent shape. This process requires a skilled hand and attention to detail. Common tools used in this process includes hammers and specially shaped and formed rods.

Once the technician is comfortable with the result of the repair, they will reassemble (R&I) any piece of the car body that may have needed to be removed and will perform any necessary clean up measures to make the car presentable and ready for delivery. Click video to view the repair process.

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I damaged the hood of the car by accidentally dropping objects on it. One of the dents had a deep crease. The price to fix the damage was more than reasonable. The work was exceptional. It's like the accident never happened. His professionalism and customer service was a breath of fresh air.
John L.
Bowie, MD
Christopher's work is nothing short of amazing! My BRZ had an enormous dent appear above the left quarter panel one night. To my amazement, Christopher said he would give it a shot and for an incredibly fair price! Especially compared to what a body shop would charge to fix it...
Christy P.
Springfield, VA
The team at Dentless Touch is AMAZING! They fixed a door ding in my Tesla Model 3 with the most perfit repair without requiring repaint or price gouging me! I found them on YouTube out of all places and booked an appointment same day with ease.
Sunny V.
Arlington, VA

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