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4 Ways to Learn Paintless Dent Repair

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Mastering anything new can be time-consuming and costly but most likely worth it in the end. Learning the art of Paintless dent repair is no different. There's one on one training, classroom-style, online videos, or books to read. I honestly favor them all. I am always able to find tiny nuggets of information from each of the styles. That's just how I learn and retain the information. However, if you're like me, you can see the benefits of watching a few training videos then referencing a training manual to hone your understanding of the essential techniques. Here are your options.


One on one training 

You and a trainer are working side by side, answering all of your questions as soon as you can think of them. Also, a good trainer will see mistakes almost before they happen—this type of training is great but is the most expensive. Although the most expensive, students who use this style of training are more likely to succeed at a quicker pace.

Dentless touch pdr Training


Classroom Setting 

Another great option, you get motivation from other classmates working on the same goal as you. It's like you have a team of friends cheering with you. Our classes are exciting and informative, with tons of questions asked to discuss. Being in a classroom gives you a hands on approach with guidance if needed as well as peer support.

Dentless touch Paintless dent repair training

Want to Learn PDR? 

Online Training Videos 

Our Newest Option!

We now have Pre-Orders available for our video course, with over 40 HD videos explaining the art of PDR. In addition, Dave and Chris demonstrate their basic and advanced knowledge of paintless dent repair. Online videos are helpful and require self discipline and repetition. We encourage you to use the online guide as well as our classes, using the online training guide either as a refresher or improvement.

Dentless touch PDR training


PDR Training Book 

30+ pages of detailed information, techniques, and diagramsDentless touch training book

Nine custom videos to go along with our book to give you the visual aspect possible. We are confident you can learn all the fundamentals needed to perform a paintless dent repair.  For only $99




Learning Paintless Dent Repair relies heavily on repetition and hand-eye coordination. They say, "repetition is the mother of all learning." which we agree 100%. Therefore, a decent amount of time is spent helping you develop a 6th sense for metal movement. Our Training Book is the most helpful, especially when one-on-one training is not available or limited to time. Our Foundational PDR Training book covers essential exercises to help expedite the steep learning curve.  The exercises are important to use, PDR is hands on and can only be mastered from hands on practice.


Here is what you will learn:

  • Setting up your practice panel 
  • How to read a PDR light 
  • Maximizing Leverage 
  • Finding the tip of your tool 
  • Levels of pushing metal 
  • Much much more 


Many options are available to start your journey as a Paintless dent repair technician. Don't wait. Get started today!

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