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Choose the right Paintless Dent Repair Tools

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The industry has exploded and one thing that surely has not fallen behind is the tool market. If you would've seen my TDN cart 10 years ago...lets be real,I didn't even have a cart back, it would look completely different than now. Stanliner tools are a more prominent staple on the cart and new tool manufacturers have made their way. Companies such as Dent Reaper, Vip, and Stuckey just to name a few.  8 years ago I was so against buying new tools because I felt I didn't need any more tools and it was a pointless waste of money. At this time tools really didn't have much differences between brands, they seemed to use the same steel across the board. Fast Forward, we go from a bunch of the same tools on the market to now having a hard time figuring out what works and doesn't. 

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The new/old  tools that manufacturers have developed to repair dents faster and more efficiently. I have a completely different look at how tools help with repairs. What sparked this mind shift was vehicle metal properties changing. From aluminum to HSS you have to rethink your approach when attacking repairs on those complex metals. These new tools are amazing, helping combat my older age and the new high strength steel being implemented on every car  panel these days.

After all that, there is still another issue lingering that wasn't a problem 10 years ago, Copy or cheap useless tools. Which targets new technicians that may not know the difference. Dent Poppers from eBay or Harbor Freight and those tools sets from China. Strictly designed to influence newer techs in PDR training that they can get all the tools needed to start their career. STAY FAR AWAY from them.

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 Dave created list of all the tool manufacturers we have bought from ⬇️. If we've overlooked anyone please leave a comment. Also every year good and professional rated tools are on display during Mobile Tech Expo Event.  I encourage you to do your research and invest in your craft and it will pay dividends in the long run.
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