Three factors that effects your Dent repair time. |Tech Talk

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October 25, 2019
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November 4, 2019

Three factors that effects your Dent repair time. |Tech Talk

Three constraints that will effect PDR repair time


This is the most overlooked thing when setting up for a repair. Usually, a less experienced technician will focus on targeting only the center of the dent. However, if you take into account leverage you most likely can find a better angle that will result in less fatigue as you work. I know all to well that when you are straining and stressed, it can greatly impact the time spent and the overall finished product. For example, I will remove and reinstall an entire door panel for the sole reason to gain better leverage.

Line of Sight 

It’s your angle, distance, and strength of the gradient(Fade) needed to repair. The right light positions are critical for successfully being able to see what you are repairing. Creases we will always position your light and probably yourself parallel from the crease whether it’s high or low. At the start of most dents being as close to the dent initially will help see the dead center and will always result in accurate pushes.



Very simple, it’s what you need to remove or setup to access the back side of the damage you are fixing. Removing door panels, window glass, etc may expedite the repair or also add more time needed. This will be on a case to case bases and you will need to use your best judgment