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Matt's New Paintless Dent Repair Tool Cart

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Hey guys, just like you we spend hours searching the internet looking at instagram, facebook, and yes...tik-tok but most importantly other tech tips and resources around the country. Our Master Technician Chris was scrolling on Facebook and came across Matt’s customized Paintless dent repair tool cart. Our technicians are always looking for organization and sustainability to increase repair time and efficiency. A lot of times, in our field we have to MacGyver things to fit our needs to customize our different work configurations.

Paintless dent repair tool cart

We thought this was a cool share that used mostly milwaukee products. Give Matt @Thedentslayer a shout and follow and let them know Dentless Touch sent you. If you have your own personalized tool carts, comment below and we will check it out. Until next time Stay Dent Free! Want to Learn PDR? 


Paintless Dent Repair Training Now Available