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The Paintless Dent Repair Process Explained

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PDR also goes by the name of Paintless Dent Removal. This technique has been developed to repair small dents in the body of the vehicle. These dents often take place because of hail, a small driving error when bumping into another obstacle, another driver dinging your car door in the parking lot or larger dents. As long as the paintwork has not been damaged, PDR is a quick and excellent method used by PDR Technicians to get your vehicle looking as good as new again. PDR is only used to repair body panels that are made from steel or aluminum.

The purpose of PDR is to repair small to large dents but this may only be possible if the paint or the metal has not stretched beyond the ability of PDR to fix. Where damage involves sharp angled dents or extreme creases, PDR may not be a viable option. This ‘push to paint’ work uses no body filler or bondo and can be successfully applied to repair a lot of minor damage caused to vehicles when an experienced technician is used to deliver the best job possible. The PDR technician should provide good advice as to which route is best to follow; the PDR way for dent removal.