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The Ultimate Paintless Dent Repair Glue Test 2021

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Evolution is inevitable and the Paintless Dent Repair industry is no exception. With the recent push from Keco Tabs bringing PDR methods, mainly glue pulling techniques into local bodyshops. The desire to learn the in and outs of glue pulling hasn't been this much since......well never. Not only new or season PDR tech can benefit from this knowledge but autobody technicians worldwide.  Brings us to why the tests Mark from Perfect Pull and I conducted. Mainly the need for information, specifically which glue to buy. With the ever growing number of PDR glues hitting the market, one would think "Why are there 30+ glues to choose from?"

 Mark and I have your back! We are here to debunk, solve, expose, reveal, divulge... what ever verb you want to use, ultimate help you make a good buy decision. Also aiding us with that is Anson PDR, they were nice enough to supply Mark and I with 90% of the glue we tested Thank you Anson.  Mark also for designing and building the best testing device out!!



Other Products used:

99% alcohol to clean all glue sticks, tabs, and surfaces

Keco Tabs (Super Tab 3")- enduring 200+ pulls

SureBounder Heavy Duty Hot Glue Gun 300 Watt set to 400 degrees 



The first test was a doozy. Over 10 hrs of testing.  We tested a ton of glue in what we feel is similar conditions as if you were inside of the shop with A/C. Over 10 hrs of testing. 

FIRST TEST April 17th 2021

Conditions: 75 degrees with 27% humidity 

Anson Black Hot PDR Glue ABG-10- 480lb💢

Burro Black Widow Hot PDR BG-10 - 420lb💢

Burro Cactus Green- Hot PDR glue  GG-10- 440lb💢

Carbon Tech Slime PDR - 350lbs

Glue Traxx- Hot PDR Glue - 540lbs✅

Hawg hot - Orange (470)lb Black (490)lb💢

Bubble Gum- 450lb

Orange Fire - 520lb✅💢

Pink Hot (Bubble Gum) -450lb

Root Beer - 600lb✅💢

Swiss Blue Hot PDR Glue - Plain Jane - 300lb

Prototype glue  - 690lb✅💢

Perfect Pull Glue - 540lb✅💢

Tab Weld - 480lb💢

Tequila Ice - 540lb✅

Tequila Fire - 520lb

Tequila Collision - 380lb

Tequila Turquoise Hot glue - 460lb

Xtreme Purple Hot Glue ( Plain Jane) 490lb


Conditions: 89 degrees with 47% humidity 

Anson Hot - 800lb

Anson collison - 940lb💢

Anson Black - 1020lb💢

Tab Weld - 1106lb✅💢

Orange Fire - 1098lb💢

Hawg Glue - 846lb

Collision glue Systems (Solar Blitz) - 1106lb✅💢

Perfect Pull- 1188lb✅💢

Root Beer- 1266lb😱✅💢

Prototype- 1004lb✅

Carbon Tech Slime - 1210lb✅

Green- 982lb💢

Glexo- 548lb

Glue Traxx- 1214lb✅

Camauto - 860lb💢

Powder PDR- 1230lb✅

Bubble Gum- 1242lb✅

Purple Plain Jane - 964lb

Collision glue Systems (Sagan) - 972lb




 - If particular glue does not pull well, there's a strong chance the environment is the reason. Ambient Temperature Matters 

 - All glues favor being pulled around 92°-90

 - Set time( time it takes to cool down) can differ drastically

 - Some types of glue struggle with consistent pulls


Emoji meanings

✅ Top contender 

💢 Consistent pull after pull