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What is Paintless Dent Repair (“PDR”) By Christopher Ray

What is Paintless Dent Repair (“PDR”)

Cars are likely subjects to dents and dings and getting one is no fun. Dents range in size and magnitude, and definitely becomes an eyesore. Not to mention, some dents can even affect the value of your car! Paintless Dent Removal is a great process that works on removing a wide array of dents and dings. It is a method that involves no chemicals and can restore a car’s body to its almost original, pre-dent condition.

It would be beneficial to introduce two other methods of dent removal that are sometimes used to prove the benefits of PDR.

Auto Body Filler – filler comes in many different brand names and applications, but is essentially a plastic putty that is placed where a dent is located and shaped by hand to fill in the indentation. Then, using various techniques and sanding, the putty is expanded to cover the entire dent and is painted over as needed to match the car’s color. This method is often not the best solution due to its time-intensive nature, finicky look, and cost versus benefit. Overall, this method lays down a foundation as if to cover up an existing blemish without addressing the dent directly.

Do-it- Yourself Tools – there are a myriad of tools available for purchase that claim to solve dents as if almost by magic. Turn on late night television, and you’re sure to see a few on infomercials. Similarly, the internet holds a number of techniques that involve normal household goods (e.g., a plunger, boiling water, compressed air, etc.) and adapts them to become dent removal tools. These methods offer varying results and may or may not be effective based upon user experience and application. In summary, these methods often attempt to fix a dent by focusing on the outer body of the car.

The aforementioned methods are both viable alternatives for fixing car dents; however, they have their limitations. PDR, on the other hand, doesn’t apply the techniques from these traditional methods, and, instead, has the ability to restore your car body to a much more pristine condition. Additionally, PDR doesn’t require any chemicals and is often less expensive and more effective than alternative measures. Depending on the severity of the dent, PDR can vary in time to complete, but is often a less time-intensive process simply because it addresses the dent directly. So, when selecting a dent repair service, make sure you understand all of the alternatives available and select the option that best suits your car’s long-term needs.