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How to fix a Crease in your Vehicle

We have all experienced having a small dent or two on our car. But imagine getting off from a...

SUPER SHARP Dent Repair on Nissan Murano

Inside the Dent Vlog #004 | SUPER SHARP Dent Repair | Nissan Murano

Tools used:

1. 20″ ULTRA...

How we fix dents on your car without painting

Christopher Ray at Dentless Touch repairs a Toyota Rav4 with PDR while giving us some great tips...

Hail Damage in the Washington DC area

Living in the Washington, D.C. area, you understand just how dramatic and potentially damaging...

Your Road-Safety Winter Checklist by Dentless Touch

Long nights, short days and colder weather can mean only one thing; winter is approaching. While...